Why Hire Me?

Here is a perfect statement made by a fellow Real Estate Agent in Texas, I thought she hit the nail on the head and this is definitely worth sharing.

Why Should I Hire You to Sell My Home?
By Ashley Cox

Real Estate Agent

Why should you hire me to sell your home? What makes me different?

As of April, 2015, there were a recorded 89,439 statewide licensed Real Estate Agents who are members of the Texas Association of Realtors. That’s a lot! You’ll find most of them in the larger triangle of Dallas/ Fort Worth to Austin/ San Antonio to Houston. Meaning… no matter where you live, you have plenty to choose from. So out of all of these, what makes me different? Great question!

Why should I pick you to sell my home? Hiring a Realtor to List - DFWAshley, Ashley Cox Real Estate Agent DallasExperience Rules

Knowing how long someone has been in business and how many home sales they have helped facilitate is important. I have been in the business since 2008, and am still going strong, which is quite the accomplishment for the turns our market has taken over the last 7 years.

And while I don’t close dozens of homes per month, my business is routine and steady. There is something to be said about an agent that works diligently, month after month. On the contrary, aligning yourself with a larger shop or team of agents can sometimes bring a world of hurt, too, getting lost in the shuffle or losing that personal contact and close communication. I pride myself on the fact that over 88% of my clients come from personal referrals and repeat clients – this means that I’ve done something right!

Pricing is also very important, and is likely one of the things you are most concerned about when listing your home. Take time to get to know the agent you are interviewing, and see if they can provide you a ratio of List price to Sold price… when the market was hard! With low inventory, it’s not as challenging to sell a home quickly. But invest time with your agent to understand their pricing structure – is it price per square foot? A BPO or CMA approach? This is something gained with experience, wisdom, lessons learned and being “in the trenches.”

Effective Communication

There is nothing more frustrating than trusting someone to list your home, and then never hearing from them again. Listing a home is a business partnership! Your preferred communication should be expressed to your agent. I’m fortunate enough to be in touch with clients of all different walks of life – phone, email, text, or all…

And perhaps it’s just a byproduct of my thirst for college literature, but don’t you want the agent that represents you and your product to effectively communicate with other agents, too? Pay attention to their wording, their punctuation, their email style. These all speak volumes about the ways in which they will reach out to other agents in the midst of showings, negotiations and sale. There are so many moving parts in a transaction, and it’s important to see how you are being represented.

Why should I pick you to sell my home? Hiring a Realtor to List - DFWAshley, Ashley Cox Real Estate Agent DallasNegotiation Skills

The sale of a home involves many stages of negotiation. Even before your home is listed, you should be in tune with the way your Agent is equipped and prepped for negotiations. I had a client that wanted to invest over $7,000 in order to get his home on the market. After meeting with him and walking through the home together, we were able to eliminate some items that he was anticipating, because of the market and my knowledge about what really mattered to buyers.

When offers come in that are too low, or ask for too much in closing cost assistance, or inspection lists that go on and on, your Agent needs to work as your advocate in the process. It’s about getting you top dollar for the product you choose to sell.

Presentation and Impressions

Your home’s first impression will affect the selling price. Which means your bottom line. Regardless of market, demand or interest rates, the better your home appears, the higher your home will sell for. Your Agent should be confident enough to make recommendations to you about the presentation of your home, and what Buyers expect.

It took me some time in the beginning to really understand this, but as I have seasoned in my career, it has become much more important to me to hurt your feelings up front, than have Buyers hurt your feelings and pocketbook by allowing your home to sit on the market.  Maybe the repair or tweaks were things you anticipated. Maybe it’s just a few cosmetic items, or perhaps it’s simply taking sponge to the counters and cleaning your heart out to get ready to list!

With the emphasis I wholeheartedly give to professional photography, it’s my job to also show up to your home on the day of the photography shoot to prep for close-up. I’m looking for bulbs that need replacement, hiding photos that are unnecessary, shutting toilets and more… to get the home showcase ready for that online momentum.

Compass and Navigation

Real estate changes. It’s the ever evolving soap opera that impacts all of our lives. And we’ve certainly seen ups and downs in the last 10 years, together. What causes these? What are the trends saying in your area? What are inventory levels? What is an absorption rate? How long are homes on the market before they sell?

Not to mention that laws and standards are constantly changing with local, state and national platforms, as well as lending and insurance norms. Gauge your Agent’s knowledge of these things and how attune they are to the market and the demands of the current year.

Remember, you are hiring a Realtor for a business transaction… not a popularity contest. While you may love “Rita the Realtor” from your church social hour more “Larry the Lister”, selling Real Estate is about picking an agent who has a track record of success.

When you find these  traits in a Real Estate Agent, hire them!  If you’re in need of a Real Estate Agent, go ahead and call, email or text me…  I’m ready to go to work for you!